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Exploring the Psychedelic Path ~ Awakening the Divine Feminine Within

Welcome to Psychedelic Divas—a podcast where we will explore the power and the pitfalls of the modern world of psychedelics as seen through the lens of the divine feminine. You’ll hear from artists, doctors, authors, researchers, educators, storytellers, ceremonialists, underground guides and long-term keepers of the psychedelic flame as we discover the profound connection between these two transformative forces and their potential to awaken, heal, and empower.

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I’m your host, Carla Detchon, and I’ve been exploring psychedelic realms for 40 years both recreationally and ceremonially. I had the honor of working with and learning from Dr. Ralph Metzner for 22 years as well as other psychedelic luminaries. Through my work as an Integration Coach, I help people find a deeper understanding of the messages of these experiences, so they can move into wholeness and motivated action.

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If you’d like to be informed of our launch, please provide your email below.

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